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DR FOGG On CSPAN - Police Misconduct

"I shared this in a politcal group that I participate in. I know Matthew Fogg and members of his family. His late brother, Arnold, and I were in
high school together at Eastern. I eulogized Arnold at his funeral several years ago. Matthew is someone who will tell it like it is without the political bs. What he endured when seeking justice from injustice in a lawsuit against the Justice Department is precedent setting. His personal story is spell binding. I hope he runs for congress again."

Fogg v U.S. Department of Justice Race-black Class Complaint

After decades of litigating the most powerful law enforcement agency on the planet aka US-DOJ --  Dr. Matthew Fogg prevails again with a class certification to bring his fellow colleagues out of bondage from pervasive internal racism in the U.S. Marshals Service dating back to 1994. Click On Representing Law Firm's Press Release https://sanfordheisler.com/news/eeoc-certifies-class-us-marshals-race-bias-saga/

Wakanda Forever !!!

FOGG et. al vs. Jeff Sessions et al, U.S. Department of Justice/U.S. Marshals Service - Class Action Decision by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Dated 11-17-15 (pdf)


DEA S/A AGent & US Marshal 'aka' batman in gotham city usa

RT Commentator describes US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent & US Marshals Service Inspector, Matthew Fogg's heroric exploits in -- fighting  racism and police brutality in Federal, State and municipal law enforcement behind the infamous and often deadily 'Blue Wall of Silence'  

Fogg on CNN - FED Agents Seize (Cuban Boy) Ellian Gonzales

CNN Law Enforcement Analyst  - FED Agents Seize (Cuban Boy) Ellian Gonzales following standoff with family members

WMAL TV News 1998 Fogg v US Marshals-Department of Justice

US Marshal Matthew Fogg won a landmark 1998 ($4-million) Title VII race (black) Civil Rights discrimination case in Federal Court (Fogg V. Reno) US Department of Justice (DOJ) -  the most powerful law enforcement organization in the world. Today Dr. Fogg represents over 500 black US Marshals nationwide in a Class Action law suit titled > Matthew Fogg et al v Jeff B, Sessions (U.S. Attorney General) 

Fogg Police Shootings In Baltimore Maryland

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Washington Redskins Super Bowl Fugitive Sting Operation

1985 US Marshal Matthew Fogg & 'SWAT'- Special Operations Group (SOG) Team Member Participates In Washington Redskin NFL Football Superbowl Tickets Scam - Fugitive Manhunt STING Operation. 

Fogg tells story of his amazing Marshal's journey to justice

Philippe SHOCK Matthews

Streamed live on Mar 26, 2015, Matthew Fogg's journey to justice over three decades of official litigation naming) (10) ten U.S. Attorney  Generals from Edwin Meese through (today) Jeff B. Sessions is now a certified Class Action before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). His book depicts a career of often life threatening race discrimination & retaliation incidents as a Federal Marshal and  Whistleblower AKA ~ www.BigotsWithBadges.com is coming soon!