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The National Black Police Association (NBPA) Profiles Chief Deputy US Marshal, Dr Matthew Fogg in its NBPA Fall 2018 Newsletter.

2019 BIG Distinguished Service Hall of Fame (DSHOF) Award

Matthew Fogg – BIG National 2nd Vice President & RXI Heritage Chapter President


DEAN Dr. Matthew Fogg’s GODSU Commencement Speech
April 20, 2019 

Way of The Cross 'Wind Beneath My Wings' 2019 Award

Award Invite Letter from Way Of The Cross Church (WOTCC) in District Heights,, Maryland.  We Care Ministry presents to Dr. Matthew Fogg the  'Wind Beneath My Wings" Award for volunteer community service and his dedicated service to Deacon Fred Lewis, now confined to a nursing home and the oldest living Deacon (91) in the WOTCC   

WOTCC Wind Beneath My Wings Award (pdf)


see "24 United" Maryland district 24 Offical Ballot below

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blacks In Government ask to support Maryland House bill 1016

Dr. Matthew Fogg, Former Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal and Blacks In Government(BIG) National 2nd Vice President has proposed the attached (http://tinyurl.com/y6vg699z) 2018 BIG Resolution #2 for adoption by BIG National Delegates during the BIG National Delegates meeting 

(AUGUST 12, 2018) in New Orleans

2018 BIG Proposed Resolution In Support of Maryland House Bill 1016 (pdf)


its time for the change in maryland district 24 you want

District 24 United Candidates (Photo Above L>R) (Central Committee) FOGG, (Delegate) KING, (Senator) ALSTON, (Delegate) WILLIAMS, (Central Committee) ABDuLLAH


Its Time To Change Maryland's Polical Landscape For The People and By The People. Yes We Can - TURN ON YOUR FOGG LIGHTS and VOTE FOR '24 UNITED' CANDIDATES (above) in Maryland District 24 on JUNE 26. Early voting starts JUNE 14.

Working For A Better Maryland


United We Stand!


Dr. Fogg's brief biography

Dr. Fogg is a life-long resident of Washington, DC & Prince Georges, County Maryland area with a Bachelor of Science and PH.D. from Marshal University & Global Over Dei Seminary & University, respectively.  He is known as the U.S. Marshal that tracked down hundreds of Americas’ Most Wanted' and dangerous fugitives, receiving the highest law enforcement awards from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bar Association. He challenged ALONE the most powerful law enforcement agency (DOJ) in the world and WON a landmark 1998 ($4-million) employment related Civil Rights jury verdict in Federal Court - Dr. Fogg’s heroic background of search & rescue on 9/11, at Ground Zero in New York City; Protecting Federal Judges, US Attorneys, government Witnesses, high profile United Nations foreign dignitaries; provided back-up for various Federal, State & Municipal law enforcement officials nationwide including, the LAPD following the Rodney King verdict & riots and he led his US Marshsl 'Swat team to quash the deadly Atlanta Penitentiary hostage crisis; 

Today Dr. Fogg represents many Federal workers nationwide against employment discrimination (See Fogg's recent EEOC victory for Amina W > http://tinyurl.com/ycq7jja6  

He is a world wide human rights advocate as former Board member for Amnesty International USA (AIUSA.org); An official 'Ambassador For Peace in the Universal Peace Federation (certificate below) www.UPF.org ; He co-chaired a committee that helped Promulgate the landmark 21st Century employment Civil Rights ‘NoFEAR’ congressional legislation protecting ALL Federal workers and whistleblowers > Click on his OpEd http://tinyurl.com/ycpg56bo                

Today he is the Class Agent representing nationwide over five hundred racially disenfranchised  (Black) deputy U.S. Marshals (Fogg et al v. Jeff Sessions/U.S.DOJ et al); He is the National 2nd Vice President for Blacks In Government (BIG) - www.BIGNET.org, a former National Vice President for Federally Employed Women (www.FEW.org) and former candidate for U.S. Congress/MD 4th District (http://tinyurl.com/y6w4mx3g) - Depicts an extensive background of a man on a lifelong mission helping others. His pending book www.BigotsWithBadges.com will tell the story of a man press down by a mighty empire but forever rising to surface under the anointing of GOD to say,  "Let My People Go"    Click On His Theme Song >(http://tinyurl.com/ycg6t88k

VOTE FOR DR. FOGG & 24 united If you live in ZIP CODES


Coral Hills– 20743

Fairwood– 20720 

Glenn Dale– 20706, 20720 & 20769

Hillcrest Heights– 20745, 20748

Kettering– 20774 

Lake Arbor– 20721, 20774

Landover- 20785

Lanham- 20706

Largo– 20774 

Marlow Heights– 20748, 20791

Mitchellville– 20706, 20720 & 20721 

Peppermill Village- 20743

Seabrook– 20706 

Silver Hill– 20746, 20747 & 20748

Springdale- 20774

Suitland– 20746, 20747 & 20748

Summerfield- 20785 

Walker Mill– 20743 & 20747

Woodmore– 20720, 20721 & 20774


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